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Uru - Kami Hitoe (english translation) Lyrics

Uru - Kami Hitoe english Lyrics
Anime「Hell's Paradise (Jigokuraku)」Ending

Release: 2023.04.15
Lyricist: Uru
Composer: Uru
Arranger: Tomi Yo
AKA: 紙一重

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Uru - Kami Hitoe Lyrics (translation)

I tried to 
pile it up
But I just tore off 
the end that sticks out
But you said 
it's fine just like this
You connected 
the scattered fragments 
once again, fixing it for me

The heart is as thin as paper
And I want to keep 
feeling your heart

Forever and ever, 
I'll wait for 
tomorrow's dawn to break 
Yearning for fleeting dreams, 
while thinking of someone
today as well, 
you'll continue to pursue 
the hope you cherished
in your heart
I hope that voice 
can be reached one day

No matter how many times 
you're being hurt,
I hope that the love 
you continue to protect 
will envelop you one day 

TV anime『Hell's Paradise』ending theme│「Kami Hitoe」 Uru