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YUNGBLUD「Abyss」Lyrics | Kaiju no.8 OP

Kaiju no.8 opening Song YUNGBLUD「Abyss」

    Singer YUNGBLUD sings Abyss for the opening of the anime Kaiju no. 8 which premieres in April. 
   The song was co-written with Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds. The song does not yet have a release date.
   Kaiju no. 8, also known in English as Monster #8, is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Naoya Matsumoto. 
   The anime adaptation premieres in April.

Abyss song Details:

Title: YUNGBLUD「Abyss」Lyrics | Kaiju no.8 OP

Album: Abyss

Release date: April 2024

Anime: Kaiju no.8

Composed by: Dominic Harrison, Matt Schwartz, Dan Reylonds, Mattias Per Larsson, Robin Lennart Fredriksson

Performed by: YUNGBLUD



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