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A--su! (english translation) Lyrics - Hiroshi Kitadani

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One Piece egghead arc opening theme: A--su! lyrics

   The new One Piece themes have been revealed.
   With the arrival of a new arc, the artists and theme songs for the anime were revealed.
   The new arc titled "egghead arc" is scheduled to premiere in January. The new arc takes place on the island of the notorious genius scientist Dr. Vegapunk.
   The opening theme is called "A--su!" english translation and is performed by singer Hiroshi Kitadani. The artist had already sung other themes for the anime.
   The arc is the next arc in Eiichiro Oda's original One Piece manga after the "Wano Kuni" arc, and is still ongoing in the original manga.

A--su! song Details:

Title: Hiroshi Kitadani - A--su! Lyrics 

Album: A--su!

Release date: jan 2024

Anime: One Piece

Composed by: 

Performed by: Hiroshi Kitadani

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One Piece egghead arc opening theme: A--su!

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