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Official HiGE DANdism - Soulsoup english lyrics

SPY×FAMILY Code: White movie theme 『Soulsoup』「Official HiGE DANdism」

The band Official HiGE DANdism was chosen to perform the theme song for the film SPY×FAMILY Code: White. The film will adapt an original story, created by Tatsuya Endo, creator of the SPY x FAMILY manga, in addition to the story he is also responsible for character design and supervision of the film. WIT STUDIO and CloverWorks are responsible for the animation, Takashi Katagiri directs the film and Ichiro Okouchi is the screenwriter. Kazuaki Shimada is the character designer and Kana Ishida is the subcharacter designer. Kyoji Asano is the chief animation director. Kazuhiro Furuhashi is the animation supervisor. [K]NoW_NAME is the music producer and Shoji Hata is the sound director. The theme song is called “Soulsoup” in english translation and is performed by the band Official HiGE DANdism.

The film opens on December 22nd.

 Soulsoup song Details:

Title: SPY×FAMILY Code: White movie theme「Soulsoup」lyrics

Album: Soulsoup

Release date: 2023


Composed by: 

Performed by: Official HiGE DANdism

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 Official HiGE DANdism - Soulsoup (English/Translated) Lyrics

Like losing my voice,
I have to drink a soup
of despair-flavored bitterness
at least once in my life.
I mixed laziness and complaints,
creating my homemade crisis,
and now it’s steaming right in front of me.
Dangerous colors swirl,
felt when taking a breath,

the fragrance of the outfield,
reflected in a silver spoon.
A twisted face glaring at me,
seems to claim,
“Your role is inadequate.”
I shut out unnecessary senses,
reckless ideals piercing my body and soul.
This bitter modern world
complements and becomes addictive.
“It’s an unusual taste,”

even if they don’t say it, I know.
But with this feast,
I want to rediscover myself.
Trembling fingers, sweaty collar,
pain, fatigue, and failures,
even if I worry and resist,
it won’t get any better.
With each gulp, the thirst intensifies,
drinking a foaming, eerie toast,
not leaving a single drop behind, yeah.
I’ve become more abundant
than when I lived alone.
There’s no air to say
“give up,” but still,
even if told it’s okay to live alone,
I won’t choose that,
I don’t want to miss a single day with you.
With this feast,
I want to dwell once again.
A cooled heart blown by sighs,

igniting a simmering heat.
Trembling fingers, sweaty collar,
pain, fatigue, and failures,
coming with worries, resisting,
but tired of giving up.
With each gulp, the thirst intensifies,
drinking a foaming, eerie toast,
struggling to swallow,
that’s what life is about.
In the continuing days, at unexpected times,
when troubles and sadness boil over,
wanting to spill them everywhere,
that’s when I want to stop and continue.
Don’t stop, keep thirsting,
raise a toast to every future.
Give me the fragments of destiny,
hidden deep in this world,
until I scoop them out (and then),
drink every last drop, yeah.