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YOASOBI - Idol english Lyrics

YOASOBI - Idol full english Lyrics
Anime「Oshi no Ko」opening

Release: 2023
Lyricist: Ayase
Composer: Ayase
Arranger: - 

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YOASOBI - Idol romanized Lyrics

The invincible smile
going viral on the media
They want to know her secret,
Even the carelessness 
is her area
A perfect one
as well as a liar,
you are
the talented idol 

What did you eat today?
What's your favorite book?
Where would you go
to have fun?
I didn't eat anything
It's a secret
No matter what they ask,
she always dodges 

Yes, she is indifferent
but brilliantly sparkling
The almost uncovered secrets 
yet still invisible,
taste sweet like honey
Even that one is impossible, 
impossible, impossible
Even this one is impossible, 
impossible, impossible
What type of guy do you like?
Who is your boyfriend?
Come on, just answer

"I don't know
how does it feel
to fall in love 
with someone."
Whether it's true or a lie, 
I don't know
But with those words, 
one falls again, 
doing as she likes again

You're captivating
everyone's eyes
The perfect and ultimate idol
The reincarnation of 
the evening star 
that never ever 
appears again
You say love with that smile
Keep captivating everyone
with those beady eyes, 
with those words
all of them are lies 
but it's a form of 
the perfect Ai (love)

Yeah, yeah, 
she is indeed special
We are just a bonus
from the start
I'm B, the supporting role 
for the Star
There's no way 
everything thanks to her, 
that cheeky chick
How can there be 
no envy and jealousy?
It's unforgivable,
precisely because
this is not a joke
I can't forgive myself 
who can't see you
being imperfect
I refuse to admit that 
anyone stronger than you

Being worshiped 
and trusted by everyone
Truly the greatest 
and invincible idol 
Even her weaknesses 
can't be found
A vessel for
the evening star to reign
You shall not, shall not 
show your weakness
No need to show 
your indifferent side
Must be 
the only unique one 
That's clearly 
the true Ai (love) 

Stirring up the media 
with her signature smile
Only secrets 
that she perfectly hides 
Establishing her career 
by telling the lies
"I love you"
This is precisely 
my own way form of love
Even his dripping sweat 
is beautiful, 
that's my Aqua
These eyelids hide my Ruby
Singing, dancing, 
I'm Maria
Yes, lies are a form 
of the superfine love

Never loved 
by anyone 
and never 
loved anyone
But one day, 
the lies I told, 
I believe 
they will become real

One day for sure, 
I'll obtain everything
Yes, I'm indeed 
a greedy idol
Because I want to 
sincerely love you all 
as you are
I'm lying 
today as well
I hope for the day 
when these words 
become real one day
But I still can't say them,
only to you and to her
Finally I can say it
This is absolutely not a lie
"I love you two"

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