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Huwie Ishizaki - Wasure Gataki in english

Huwie Ishizaki - Wasure Gataki english Lyrics
Anime「Dr. Stone: New World」opening

Release: 2023
Lyricist: Huwie Ishizaki
Composer: Huwie Ishizaki
Arranger: Tomi Yo

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Huwie Ishizaki - Wasure Gataki (in english) Lyrics

Yes, this kind of pain
Is essential for a story without a plot
The moon lingers in the night sea

If there’s time to romanticize past struggles
I’ll just capture this moment
Even a fool wants to be honest
My heart is restless

Even if someone gets hurt
There’s a light that can’t be given up
I don’t plan to rehash the past
It’s too early in this world
To be forgotten and left behind
I’m a dreamer, not a failure
Even if the sky splits open, I’ll crawl up from zero
To that world, to that world

Swallow it down, tens of times, hundreds of times, thousands of times
Bloom for tens of years, hundreds of years, thousands of years.

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