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UNDER THE TREE english lyrics - SiM
Anime「“Attack on Titan” The Final Season Part 3」opening

Release: 2023.03.04
Lyricist: SiM
Composer: MAH
Arranger: SiM 

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SiM UNDER THE TREE lyrics (Romanized+Translation)

Where are you at?
Where have you been?
There are no answers for my questions
Where are we headed?
What did you mean?
It’s too late, too far to follow after you

A bird, a butterfly, and my red scarf
Don’t make a mess of memories
Just let me heal your scars
The wall, the owl and forgotten wharf
Our time is running out
We’re getting older second by second by second

Why oh why, Why oh why
Don’t you want to stay with me?
Why oh why, Why oh why
Are you giving up on me?
I’ll be waiting, waiting for you
Let me hold you under the tree
Under the tree

I’ll protect you

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