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Tonari Awase english lyrics - Chinatsu Matsumoto

Tonari Awase english tranlation - Chinatsu Matsumoto 
Anime「A Galaxy Next Door (Otonari ni Ginga)」opening

Release: 2023
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Composer: -
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Chinatsu Matsumoto Tonari Awase

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Chinatsu Matsumoto Tonari Awase lyrics (Romanized+Translation)

It seems has started
before I realize of it
I do nothing but laugh
because of your fault

The usual townscape
looks like a starry sky 
that colors the two of us
How strange

Suddenly buying flowers
Standing in vain 
in the kitchen
Sending you a photo 
of the sunset 
that I find beautiful
I try as much as possible 
to add to our moments together
It feels like a new me

I hope tomorrow 
will be like today
This is the first time
I feel like this
If possible, we'll 
have a date on the weekend
Well, even at home is fine
I can't wait to see you

Oh no, I'm really 
lovey-dovey with you
that I can't show it 
to my friends

I also 
love the night 
when we directly ascertain 
each other's feeling
and not making fun of it

Going to pick you up 
at the station 
Writing letters
I don't get used to
I just got a haircut
and I want you to see it
Because I want 
to be together 
as much as possible
Somehow, I get worked up

I hope tomorrow 
will be like today
But maybe 
I'll love you 
more than today
I'll wait for you 
with gentle feelings
on weekdays
Be sure to contact me
I can't wait to see you

Otonari ni Ginga (A Galaxy Next Door) OP/Opening