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saji flashback english

saji flashback lyrics english Lyrics
Anime「Ayaka: A Story of Bonds and Wounds」ending

Release: 2023.07.01
Lyricist: Takumi Yoshida
Composer: Takumi Yoshida
Arranger: Takumi Yoshida・Ikuya Nakajima

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saji flashback 

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saji flashback lyrics (english Translation)

Everybody wants to be somebody
No way to run from your destiny
Tracing scars from the past you want to erase
The dawn is far

Between regret and hope
What keep me alive
Are words that you and I shared
In the past
Keeps me going

Your charm is like a dream
Painting a short illusion
In an ephemeral world
Is where we live

Everyone has a secret
Crying all alone
But still tomorrow will come
So hold on to those hands
To the next, to the next, next, next world

Everyone hiding their true selves
Spinning superficial words
As if in a indefinite fog
Darkness has yet to clear

In a world of dishonesty and deceit
There is only one thing
That can be trusted
The words you spoke to me
Support me

Beyond many nights
People have spun their dreams
Painted with hope overflowing
In this world

Everyone dreams of the leading role
Dreams are crushed and stripped
Still time waits for no man
So move on forward
Passion, passion, passion, evil passion – Take over me

Your charm is like a dream
Painting a short illusion
In an ephemeral world
We look for hope

In between dreams and reality
We live in loneliness
Still tomorrow will come
Hold my hand
Passion passion passion
Passion passion passion
To the next, to the next, next next world

saji - 「flashback」(TV anime『AYAKA』ending theme) MUSIC VIDEO