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Sangatsu no Phantasia - 101/Yakou (7th Single)

101/Yakou / Sangatsu no Phantasia
101/夜光 / 三月のパンタシア

Title: Sangatsu no Phantasia - 101/Yakou (7th Single)
Album: Double Standard - 7th Single
Catalog Number: VVCL-1895
Barcode: 4547366513936
Release Date: Jul 21, 2021
Publish Format: Commercial
Release Price: 1430 JPY
Media Format: CD
Classification: Vocal
Manufacturer: Sony Music Labels Inc.
Distributor: Sony Music Solutions Inc.

TV Anime「The honour at magic high school」OP

▶ Description

The long awaited anime adaptation of "Magical High School Honors", a spin-off manga of "The Inferior Student of Magical High School"! The new song "101" by March no Pantasia has been chosen as the intro theme written by Jin.

▶ Description in Japanese

101 / 夜光 [通常盤] / 三月のパンタシア

『魔法科高校の劣等生』のスピンオフマンガ『魔法科高校の優等生』が待望のアニメ化! オープニングテーマに三月のパンタシアの新曲「101」が決定! じん書き下ろしの「101」は、逆風の中でも、強く真っすぐに突き進む少女の姿を描いた攻撃的なポップチューンに仕上がっている。

▶ Notes

M-01 - TV Anime "The honour at magic high school" Opening Theme

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「101 」
 Sangatsu No Phantasia 
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