SPYAIR - WADACHI [EP/Limited Pressing]

Wadachi / SPYAIR
轍~Wadachi~ / SPYAIR

SPYAIR - Wadachi [EP] 
Album: Wadachi - EP
Catalog Number: AICL-4020
Release Date: Jan 06, 2021
Publish Format: Commercial
Release Price: 2500 JPY
Media Format: CD + DVD
Classification: Vocal
Organizations: Sony Music Associated Records (Label), Sony Music Labels Inc. (Manufacturer), Sony Music Solutions Inc. (Distributor)
Composer: KENTA, UZ
Arranger: SPYAIR, UZ
Performer: SPYAIR
Lyricist: MOMIKEN


▶ Description

A new song written by SPYAIR, "Wadachi", will be the theme song for the movie "Gintama THE FINAL", which will be released in movie theaters nationwide from January 8 (Friday), 2021! The lyrics of this song were written by MOMIKEN (Bass) and the composition was handled by KENTA (Drums). This movie is announced as the last Gintama movie. Comes with a DVD.

▶ Description in Japanese

轍 ~Wadachi~ [期間生産限定盤] / SPYAIR

2021年1月8日(金)より全国の映画館で公開となる映画『銀魂 THE FINAL』の主題歌にSPYAIRの書き下ろし新曲「轍~Wadachi~」が決定! 「銀魂」とはこれまでにもTVアニメを筆頭に、劇場版、ゲームと数々のタッグを組んできたSPYAIRだが、劇場版を手掛けるのは2013年『劇場版銀魂 完結篇 万事屋よ永遠なれ』の主題歌「現状ディストラクション」以来となる。今作は、作詞をMOMIKEN(Bass)、作曲をKENTA(Drums)が手掛けた注目作。"これが、本当に最後!"と発表されたアニメ「銀魂」のラストラン『銀魂 THE FINAL』。「銀魂」最後のバカ騒ぎにSPYAIR「轍~Wadachi~」が花を添える。SPYAIR×銀魂のファイナルタッグに乞うご期待!

▶ Notes

M-01 - Anime Film "Gintama THE FINAL" Theme Song
Lyricist: MOMIKEN
Composer: KENTA
M-02 - TV Anime "Gintama. Gin no Tamashiihen" 2nd Opening Theme
Composer: UZ
Arranger: UZ
Lyricist: MOMIKEN
M-03 - PS4 & PS VITA Game "Gintama Rumble" Theme Song
Composer: UZ
Arranger: UZ
Lyricist: MOMIKEN
M-04 - Anime Flim "Gintama the Movie: Kanketsu Hen Yorozuya yo Eien Nare" Theme Song
Composer: UZ
Arranger: UZ
Lyricist: MOMIKEN
M-05 - TV Anime "Gintama' Enchousen" 2nd Opening Theme
Composer: UZ
Arranger: UZ
Lyricist: MOMIKEN
M-06 - TV Anime "Gintama'" 1st Ending Theme
Composer: UZ
Arranger: SPYAIR
Lyricist: MOMIKEN



➤ CDJapan


Disc 1 (CD) [AICL-4020]
1 轍~Wadachi~
2 I Wanna Be...
3 スクランブル
4 現状ディストラクション
5 サクラミツツキ
6 サムライハート (Some Like It Hot!!)
7 スクランブル (Live - JUST LIKE THIS 2019)
8 I Wanna Be... (Live - JJUST LIKE THIS 2018)
9 現状ディストラクション (Live - JJUST LIKE THIS 2017)
10 サクラミツツキ (Live - JJUST LIKE THIS 2016)
11 サムライハート (Some Like It Hot!!) (Live - JJUST LIKE THIS 2015)

Disc 2 (DVD) [AICL-4021] Vocal, Video
01 Samurai Heart (Some Like It Hot!!) - "Gintama (Dai 2-ki)" Ending
02 Sakura Mitsutsuki - "Gintama (Dai 2-ki Enchou-sen)" Opening
03 Genjou Destruction - "Yoruki Gintama" Opening
04 I Wanna Be... - "Gintama (Dai 4-ki) Gin no Tamashi-Hen" Opening