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Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel III. spring song [Full Movie] (English Sub)

Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel III. spring song

Title:  Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel III. spring song [Full Movie] (English Sub)
Directed by: Tomonori Sudō
Produced by: Hikaru Kondo
Screenplay by: Akira Hiyama
Story by: Kinoko Nasu
Based on: Fate/stay night
by: Type-Moon
Noriaki Sugiyama
Noriko Shitaya
Yuu Asakawa
Mai Kadowaki
Kana Ueda
Ayako Kawasumi
Music by: Yuki Kajiura
Production company: ufotable
Distributed by: Aniplex
Release date: August 15, 2020 (Japan)
Running time: 122 minutes
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English, Japanese
Box office: $19 million

▶ Plot

Following her return home, Sakura Matou fuses with the shadow after killing her brother, Shinji, for his attempted rape on her. Shirou Emiya later finds Shinji's corpse and is taunted by Zouken Matou for his role in Sakura's corruption, but is saved from Zouken's bug familiars by Rider. Zouken sends the corrupted Sakura to kidnap Illyasviel von Einzbern - to be a vessel for the Holy Grail like her mother was - and she attacks the Emiya Household with Saber Alter, defeating her sister Rin Tohsaka. Illya surrenders to save everyone and, although bound to protect Shirou by Sakura's final command spell, Rider refuses to fight Sakura directly, so Shirou reluctantly asks Kirei Kotomine for help.

Raiding the ruined Einzbern castle, Kirei engages Zouken and his Servant Assassin while Shirou rescues Illya, but Sakura sends a now-corrupted Berserker to chase them. Despite knowing it will eventually kill him, a desperate Shirou unseals Archer's transplanted left arm, replicating Berserker's weapon with Archer's magic to defeat him; before dying, a now-sane Berserker entrusts Illya's safety to Shirou. Kirei drives off Assassin by destroying Zouken's body, recalling his wish for the Grail - to learn why he, a "twisted" person who is only happy when others suffer, exists. Sakura confronts Kirei and destroys his artificial heart from the last Holy Grail War, but fails to finish him when the pain from unwittingly absorbing Berserker's spirit forces her to retreat.

Leaving Kirei for dead, Shirou asks Illya and Rin how to subdue Sakura, where Illya suggests using the weapon of the oldest known magus; the Jeweled Sword Zelretch. Combining their powers, Rin and Illya show Shirou the Tohsaka, Einzbern and Makiri families' recorded memories to copy Zelretch's sword from, in turn showing how the Holy Grail was conceived to reach the "Root" of all knowledge. While recreating the Jeweled Sword, the power of Archer's arm continues to damage Shirou, eroding his memories while swords manifest throughout his body. Meanwhile, Zouken plots to make Sakura his new vessel, revealing his true body is a worm familiar near Sakura's heart. However, Sakura retaliates by absorbing Assassin with the Shadow, before ripping Zouken out of her chest and crushing him.

After a brief confrontation, Shirou convinces Rider that he will save Sakura no matter what, securing her help along with Rin. The group arrive at Fuyuki Cave, where the tainted Holy Grail waits, but Saber Alter bars their way and only lets Rin pass on Sakura's orders. Working together to create an opening, Rider exhausts herself to subdue Saber Alter long enough for Shirou to remorsefully finish off his former Servant. Meanwhile, Rin engages Sakura by using the Jeweled Sword's power to match Sakura's shadows - during which Sakura accuses Rin of abandoning her to the Matou's hellish upbringing. Rin almost kills Sakura by sacrificing the Jeweled Sword but ultimately can't go through with it; sustaining severe injury to embrace Sakura, Rin admits she loves her sister and regretted never trying to save her. Overcome by remorse, Sakura breaks free of the shadow's control long enough for Shirou to reach her, trace Caster's Rule Breaker and sever her link to it.

Despite the shadow being purged from Sakura, the Holy Grail - corrupted by an evil entity known as Angra Mainyu, who used the shadow as an avatar - still tries to emerge. Rider takes Rin and Sakura to safety while Shirou stays to stop the entity's rebirth, but a dying Kirei interferes as he believes Angra Mainyu will reveal his hypothesis, that Angra Mainyu may or may not kill everyone depending on how it feels. Kirei wants to know if this thing will kill everyone unprovoked. The two near-dead men engage in a vicious fistfight and Kirei is eventually overcome, dying as he declares Shirou the winner of the Holy Grail War. Before Shirou can destroy the grail at the cost of his life, Illya appears stating she will protect her brother and, despite Shirou's tearful pleas, she sacrifices herself to invoke the Heaven's Feel ritual. Stopping the grail's rampage and splitting Shirou's soul from his dying body, Illya briefly reunites with her mother Irisviel's spirit before passing on.

A few months after the Holy Grail War's end, Rin and Sakura restore Shirou's soul after it was recovered by Rider, giving him an artificial body provided by Touko Aozaki. Resuming their relationship, Shirou and Sakura - along with Rin, Taiga and a now-incarnated Rider - go to see the cherry blossoms as Shirou promised.