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SPYAIR - One Day [Single]


Title: SPYAIR - One Day [Single]  
Album: One Day
Catalog Number: AICL-3958~9
Barcode: 4547366463774
Release Date: Nov 11, 2020
Publish Format: Commercial
Release Price: 2000 JPY
Media Format: CD + DVD
Classification: Vocal
Organizations: Sony Music Associated Records (Label), Sony Music Labels Inc. (Manufacturer), Sony Music Solutions Inc. (Distributor)
Composed by: MOMIKEN, UZ
Arranged by: MOMIKEN, tasuku, UZ
Performed by: SPYAIR
Lyrics by: MOMIKEN

TVアニメ「ハイキュー!!」第4期 OP 
TV Anime「Haikyuu!!」4th Season Opening


M-01 - TV Anime "Haikyu!! TO THE TOP" 2nd Ending Theme
Composer: MOMIKEN
Arranger: MOMIKEN, tasuku
Lyricist: MOMIKEN

M-02 - TV Anime "Haikyu!! Second Season" 1st Opening Theme
Composer: UZ
Arranger: UZ
Lyricist: MOMIKEN

M-03 - TV Anime "Haikyu!!" 1st Opening Theme
Composer: UZ
Arranger: UZ
Lyricist: MOMIKEN


SPYAIR to release new single! Featured as an outro theme song for "Haikyu!! TO THE TOP" 2nd season. This edition includes a bonus DVD. Available for a limited period of time until March 31, 2021.
Description in Japanese


10月より放送開始となる、TVアニメ『ハイキュー!! TO THE TOP』第2クールのエンディングテーマに決定! SPYAIRが"ハイキュー!!"ソングを手掛けるのは今作で3作目。 DVD付き。 ※2021年3月31日までの期間生産限定盤


One Day / SPYAIR


Disc 1 (CD) [AICL-3958]

01 One Day
02 I'm a Believer
03 Imagination
04 One Day (Anime Size)
05 One Day (Instrumental)
Disc 2 (DVD) [AICL-3959]

01 Imagination -1st season opening-
02 I'm A Believer -2nd season opening-
03 One Day -TO THE TOP 2nd ending-

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