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Sexy Zone - Run [Limited Edition / Type B]

RUN [DVD付初回限定盤 B] / Sexy Zone

TitleSexy Zone - Run [Limited Edition / Type B]
Album: Run - Single
Catalog Number: JMCT-19002
Release Date: August 05, 2020
Publish Format: Commercial
Release Price: 1210 JPY
Media Format: CD + DVD
Classification: Vocal
Organizations: Pony Canyon
Composed by:
Arranged by:
Performed by: Sexy Zone
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Sexy Zone brings the first single from a new label, Top J Records! The title song is one of the main theme songs of TV series, "Detective Novice (Miman Keisatsu Midnight Runner" co-starring Kento Nakajima (Sexy Zone) and Sho Hirano (King & Prince). This edition includes two tracks in total and comes with a bonus DVD featuring a special video shot for this release. *A part of included tracks is different from other editions'.



Run / Sexy Zone
Run [w/ DVD, Limited Edition / Type B]



2 未定 (新曲 B)


1 [DVD] Sexy Zone特別企画「ナゼ? だかRadioな感じでお送りする、Uwasa (噂) のアレコレ Sexy Zone News!!」