Kenshi Yonezu - Stray Sheep [CD + DVD +Art Book / Art Book Edition]


STRAY SHEEP / Kenshi Yonezu

Title: Kenshi Yonezu - Stray Sheep [CD + DVD +Art Book / Art Book Edition] 
Album: Stray Sheep - 15th Single
Catalog Number: SECL-2595
Barcode: 4547366457919
Release Date: Aug 05, 2020
Release Price: 7480 JPY
Media Format: CD + DVD
Classification: Vocal
Published by: Sony Music Labels
Composed by: Kenshi Yonezu
Arranged by: Kenshi Yonezu, Yuta Bandoh
Performed by: Kenshi Yonezu
Lyrics by: Kenshi Yonezu


Kenshi Yonezu to release the fifth album with 15 songs total, including huge hits songs such as "Lemon" and "Flamingo." Also includes a self cover version of "Paprika." This edition includes a DVD and an art book.


Includes an artbook.

"Umi no Yuurei" - Anime Film "Children of the Sea" Theme Song
Music, Arrangement & Lyrics: Kenshi Yonezu
Orchestra Arrangement: Yuta Bandoh