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DEEP SQUAD - Get With You Lyrics

DEEP SQUAD - Get With You ć­ŒčŠž

Title: DEEP SQUAD - Get With You Lyrics  
Release date: 2020.7.22 
Performer: TAKA, YUICHIRO, KEISEI, Uhara Yuui, Sugiyama Ryoji and Higa Suzuki


LDH JAPAN's six-member vocal group 'DEEP SQUAD' will make their major debut from Sony Music Labels with a digital single titled "Get With You" on July 22, which marks one year since their formation. 

"Get With You" was the assigned song for the above-mentioned audition. The song was created as DEEP wanted to make a song that would push the backs of people who are doing their best toward their dream. (TokyoHive)



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