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DAOKO - anima [Limited Edition]

DAOKO - anima [通常盤] 

TitleDAOKO - anima [Limited Edition]
Album: anima 
Catalog Number: TFCC-86715
Release Date: July 29, 2020
Release Price: 4180 YEN
Media Format: CD + DVD
Classification: Arrangement, Vocal
Published by:
Composed by:
Arranged by:
Performed by: DAOKO
Lyrics by:


DAOKO brings a full-length album for the first time in about a year and a half! Co-produced with Akito Katase (GREAT3) as same as the first album from a major label. Includes "Otogi no Machi," "Ocharaketayo," "High Sense Paisen" and more for 12 tracks in total. Limited edition comes with a bonus DVD featuring excerpts from the final of her tour, "2020 otogi no Santoshi Tour" held at Ebisu Liquid Room (ten tracks in total). Also includes a 32-page booklet.


anima / DAOKO



2 anima
3 アキレス腱
4 愛のロス
5 御伽の街
6 ハイセンスパイセン
7 ZukiZuki
8 Sorry Sorry
9 海中憂泳
10 ストロベリームーン
11 帰りたい!
12 おちゃらけたよ


1 [DVD] かけてあげる
2 [DVD] さみしいかみさま
3 [DVD] Fog
4 [DVD] 7日間創造
5 [DVD] ゆめうつつ
6 [DVD] そつぎょう
7 [DVD] Ututu
8 [DVD] 真夏のサイダー
9 [DVD] 水星
10 [DVD] Cinderella Step