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KinKi Kids - KANZAI BOYA [Bundled Set of 3 Editions (w/ DVD)]

KinKi Kids - KANZAI BOYA [Bundled Set of 3 Editions (w/ DVD)] 

KANZAI BOYA [3タイプ一括購入セット (初回盤 A: DVD)] / KinKi Kids

TitleKinKi Kids - KANZAI BOYA [42nd single]
AlbumKANZAI BOYA - 42nd Single
Catalog Number: JECN-593
Release Date: May 05, 2020
Release Price: 6270yen
Media Format: CD + DVD
Classification: Vocal
Published by:
Composed by:
Arranged by:
Performed by: KinKi Kids
Lyrics by:


This is a bundled set of a single from KinKi Kids. *Note about the shipment: Your order will be processed under the catalog number (NEOIKT-1380) until it enters the shipping process. During the shipping process, the catalog number will be switched to actual existing catalog numbers (JECN-588, JECN-590, JECN-593).

KinKi Kids brings the 42nd single. "KANZAI BOYA" is their old unit name used before their debut as KinKi Kids. A part of included tracks is different from each other.

Type A comes with bonus DVD featuring "KANZAI BOYA Music Clip & Making."

Type B comes with "KANZAI BOYA CAP."