TV Anime「Koisuru Asteroid」ED: Yozora / Minori Suzuki [Regular Edition]

Minori Suzuki - Yozora 

鈴木みのり - 夜空 

Minori Suzuki - Night Sky 

Title: TV Anime「Koisuru Asteroid」ED: Yozora / Minori Suzuki [Regular Edition] 
Catalog Number: VTCL-35311
Release Date: Feb 12, 2020
Release Price: 1540 JPY
Media Format: CD
Classification: Vocal
Published by: flying DOG (distributed by JVCKENWOOD Victor Entertainment)
Label/Distributor: Victor Entertainment
Composed by: h-wonder, Yoshiaki Dewa, Katsutoshi Kitagawa
Arranged by: h-wonder, Yoshiaki Dewa, Katsutoshi Kitagawa
Performed by: Minori Suzuki
Lyrics by: 中村砂羽, Jun Aiba, Minori Suzuki

TVアニメ「恋する小惑星(アステロイド)」ED: 夜空 / 鈴木みのり

TV Anime「Koisuru Asteroid」ED: Yozora  / Minori Suzuki



Minori Suzuki drops fourth single featured as the outro theme to TV anime "Koisuru Astroid" scheduled to premiere in Jan. 2020.


M-01 - TV Anime "Koisuru Asteroid" Ending Theme
Composer: h-wonder
Arranger: h-wonder
Lyricist: 中村砂羽

Composer: Yoshiaki Dewa
Arranger: Yoshiaki Dewa
Lyricist: Jun Aiba

Composer: Katsutoshi Kitagawa
Arranger: Katsutoshi Kitagawa
Lyricist: Minori Suzuki


"Koisuru Astroid (Anime)" Outro Theme: Yozora / Minori Suzuki
"Koisuru Astroid (Anime)" Outro Theme: Yozora [Regular Edition]


01 夜空
02 まぼろし
03 いっせーのーでっ!
04 夜空 (Instrumental)
05 まぼろし (Instrumental)
06 いっせーのーでっ! (Instrumental)


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