Aimer - Haru wa Yuku Lyrics『 Anime Film "Fate/stay night [Heaven's Feel] III. spring song" Theme Song』

Aimer - Haru wa Yuku Lyrics 

Aimer - 春はゆく歌詞

Title: Aimer - Haru wa Yuku Lyrics『 Anime Film "Fate/stay night [Heaven's Feel] III. spring song" Theme Song』 
Album: Haru wa Yuku/marie / Aimer - Single
Release date: Mar 25, 2020
Composed by: 梶浦由記
Arranged by:
Lyrics by: 梶浦由記
Performed by: Aimer

Anime Film "Fate/stay night [Heaven's Feel] III. spring song" Theme Song



罪も愛も顧みず 春はゆく
輝きはただ空に 眩しく
壊れたい 生まれたい

せめて そばにいる
いつも私を 幸せにいると


tsumi mo ai mo kaerimizu haru wa yuku
kagayaki wa tada sora ni mabushiku
watashi wo yurusanaide ite kureru
kowaretai umaretai

anata no soba de warau yo
semete soba ni iru
daiji na hitotachi ni
itsumo watashi wo shiawase ni iru to
yasashii yume wo todokete
anata no soba ni iru


It's just a tale, an old legend
A fake happiness
Wallow in a dream
A place where our joy and suffering
Become one and turn into a star
Placed inside my heart
Is it really true
I can be like you?
Can I stay right here with you? 

All the feelings
That were trapped in me
They're all things that go
They leave me alone
You came too late
You can't change this fate
I don't care

Like a dying rose
I was already close
To find out I'm the same as it
Never free

Like the star that is soaring through the sky
I will burn out dry
Forgive me for this
Or forget my wish
There's no difference
I don't care what you say
Or what you crave
It won't change my fate
I am just a doll
Broken down to fall

But I want to be with you
You I can't lose
You're more important than you see
You keep me so happy 

All those people will never get
You're all that's left
I will always come back for you
I will always stand by your side in this dream

I'm waiting for you with a smile