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Run Girls, Run! - Share the light Lyrics | Assassins Pride OP

Assassins Pride Opening Lyrics

Title: Run Girls, Run! - Share the light Lyrics | Assassins Pride OP 
Album: Share the light - Single
Release date: October 2019
Composer: 田中秀和(MONACA)
Lyricist: 只野菜摘
TV Anime "Assassins Pride" Opening Theme


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TV anime “Assassins Pride”
“Assassins Pride” is a light novel by Kei Amagi.

The illustration is in charge of Ninomoto Nino. This is a popular work that has been published in Fantasia Bunko (KADOAKWA) since January 2016, and the total number of copies has been recorded in the series of 500,000 copies. The story is a fantasy work in which the main character, Kufa Vampire, confronts the missions and the destiny of each, along with Merida Angel, who was born in the Duke's family.

A world in which a nobleman with the ability of STORY mana is responsible for protecting humanity. A unique girl, Merida-Angel, who is a nobleman who attends a training school for talented people but does not have mana. Kufa-Vampire is dispatched as a tutor to find her talent. I carry the duty of "assassining if she is not old". Kufa wants to make a cruel decision to Merida, whose abilities are all in society and unrelenting efforts. “Would you like to leave your life to me?” Show the value of the girl to the world through the pride of an assassin teacher who is neither an assassin nor a teacher!

Original: Kei Amagi (Fantasia Bunko)
Original illustration: Ninomoto Nino
Director: Kazuya Aiura
Composition: Deko Akao
Character Design / General Drawing Director: Maho Yoshikawa
Art Director: Mikiko Matsumoto (Studio Style)
Color Design: Tomoko Koyama (Fine Colors)
Director of Photography: Ryohei Miyasaka (Rare Trick)
CG Director: Wataru Shibata (EMT2)
Editor: Michi Sasakawa (Real Ti)
Sound Director: Satoshi Motoyama
Sound Production: HALF H ・ P STUDIO
Production: EMT Squared 

Coufa: Tomoki Ono
Merida: Tomoki Kashiwagi
Elise: Yui Ishikawa
Rosette: Mana Nanauchi
Nerva: Ayane Sakura
Mule: Mayumi Uchida
Sarasha: Azumi Wada
Jin: Tatsuo Suzuki Father:
Tomoyuki Morikawa