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KANA-BOON - Massara English Lyrics

Title: KANA-BOON - Massara English Lyrics 

Album: Massara 
Release dateJune 12, 2019
Arranged by
KANA-BOON brings the second single in 2019. Features an intro theme song for the TV anime series "Sara Zanmai."


Massara / KANA-BOON


Background, from the edge of the transparent city corner
We are crying with sounds that seem to disappear
Crawling out of the dark of the night
Let's go with broken pain

I'm always alone
The voice of desire screaming
If I can speak again I will be connected
Just overflowing

Farther and farther away, I will chase you wow
Let me run to convey my true feelings wow
I want to connect with you now and later, emotions
Deep in my heart wow ..


まっさら [通常盤] / KANA-BOON