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Seiko Omori - JUSTadICE English Lyrics | Black Clover OP7

Title: Seiko Omori - JUSTadICE English Lyrics | Black Clover OP7
Album: JUSTadICE 
Release date: 2019
Arranged by
Performed by: Seiko Omori
Seventh opening of the Black Clover anime



君のことわからない だから
僕のこと きっと まだ知らないでしょ
”僕も”とか ”わかる”とか


アウトサイダー 特別じゃないまま 戦わなきゃ
いつの間にかの個性で なんちゃって

君のこと 笑わない
僕だって 生きる才能なんてない
NO NO NO 限界を超える瞬間だけに目覚める
魔法を打ち消す僕の本能が 怠惰な宿命を翻す


ki ki ki kimi no koto
wa wa wa wakaranai dakara
bo bo bo boku no koto
ki ki ki kito mada shinerai deshou
wo wo wo boku mo toka
wa wa wa wakaru toka

kantan iwanai kimi no zetsubugaku 
junshin nara tsuraniute kowasa

sekai seifuku wa seifuku de
dekikkonai tte shitte kara
nannen koko de tomatteta
autosaidaa tokubetsu
janai mama tataka wa nakya
1,2,3 kan made yonda
aki chatta toko ga saishuukai
daremo mitenai sutoori tsuzuku
owatte kara ga jinsei sa

kimi no koto wakarenai
boku datte ikiru sainou nante nai
no no no genkai wo
koeru shunkan dakeni mezameru
mahou wo uchikesu 

boku no honnou ga
taida na shukumei wo hirugaesu


Don't don't don't, don't know much about you don't you 
lie lie lie, and say that you 
know know know, know much about me either but I can't can't can't, can't say " me as well" 
or or or, or " I understand" they're words that i live by i don't open up don't try to tell me how despair awaits us all

I realized conquering the world it can't be done in uniform,
 so i held off for just a few years 

an outsider if you don't fight the way they sun you ' cause your different-its all you'll be unless you go interfere 
through volume 1-2-3 i read till i dropped it all i wont see the ending cause i got too bored incomplete, but no one's reading anymore 
life continues when the final page ends. 
 I promise not not not, not to laugh aloud 
whe- whe-whe, when you fallen down 
what what what, what else can i do? 
Talentless I try to live my life 
but no no no- that is not enough 
I'll break right through my limits and beyond 
the drive in me to conquer this magic 
turning the table on fate till i have it all
the universe split into three separate paths that are drafted in vain
Through every world line we all work
Hard for the thing we love 
A little closer- right until you feel my breath on your face
When you were by yourself 
You found your strength at a greater cost 
i counted one, ten, hundreds, thousands flying in the sky still there's nothing glimmering inside the eyes 
of that troubled boy who became the light
Loneliness is where we all are heading
Is that your se se se, secret special move? 
Hi hi hi, hidden out of veiw 
E e e, even i can win 
just a teasing look to interrupt it
No no no- i tried to copy them
All the memories you've got inside your head
Try as i might and just cannot become you
Inside a prism my resolve is absolute 

Stupid mistake show me out so that not no one knows if you go and make alll your move give a name to them gather up the planets only life with the die pile'em up roll the black die of justice black justadice roll the dice,
Are you ready?! 
Die(die) Die(die) Die(die) Die(die) Die(die) 
Die(die) Die(die)
Die- die- die- die

What can i do? I donno just- think it, think it, think it 
this ain't the time to mess around just go and roll the die yourself! 
Lost lost lost, lost within your eyes 
Still still still, still you never smile 
What what what, what else can do? 
Talentless i try to live my life 
But no no no- that is not enough 
I'll break right through my limits and beyond 
The drive in me to conquer this magic 
Turning the table on fate till i have it all

kanji: lyricalnonsense
romaji: animeslyrics
english translate: nicole garcia 



Seiko Omori (Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma ending theme) will perform Seventh opening of the Black Clover anime.

The anime premiered in Japan in October 2017. The show was originally listed with 51 episodes, but it continued into a new season with episode 52 last October. Kankaku Piero are performing the current opening theme, and SOLIDEMO with Sakura men are performing the current ending theme. (Font: ANN)

Black Clover 7nd opening theme「JUSTadICE」played by Seiko Oomori.

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Electric Bass:pino
Lead Strings:Left-Mover
All other instruments & Programming:ANCHOR

Mixed & Recorded by 藤浪 潤一郎
Recorded at PONY CANYON代々木・渋谷Studio
Sound product managed by 佐藤 悠介(Cymusic)