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Misako Uno (AAA) - mint - Single

Title: Misako Uno (AAA) - mint - Single

Album: mint - Single
Release dateMay 15, 2019
PriceUS$ 9.85

Product Details

Catalog No.: AVCD-94418
JAN/ISBN: 4988064944187
Product Type: CD


1 mint
2 咲いた春と共にあなたへ贈る言葉
3 mint (Instrumental)
4 咲いた春と共にあなたへ贈る言葉 (Instrumental)

Album Versions

mint / Misako Uno (AAA)

mint [CD+DVD]

mint / Misako Uno (AAA)

Misako Uno (AAA) - mint - Single


The new song "mint", which will be released on April 8 and released on CD on May 15, is used for CM, and the scene of running through the beach in Hawaii with the appearance of Uno wearing in a swimsuit and a wedding dress is included. It is done. Art director Toshiyuki Suzuki was in charge of producing the video. In addition to the main CM, YouTube also makes making and comment videos public.

Ayako Uno Comment
About CM shooting
There was Hawaii I did not know. 
It was 
a place like a jungle, a movie scene, a place where dinosaurs are likely to come out now, and I 
was able to shoot while surrounded by a great nature with a great scale, so 
I felt the power of Hawaii again, I 
could charge the energy. I feel sorry.

Message to the audience
Listening to the new song "mint" under the blue sky, to make everyone's daily 
life brighter, fun and energetic, and to make you 
smile more confidently, natural, smiley, 
bright everyday 
I think it would be nice if the songs fit in, so I 

hope you enjoy it.