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Carole & Tuesday (Vo. Nai Br.XX & Celeina Ann) - Kiss Me Lyrics | Carole & Tuesday OP

Title: Carole & Tuesday (Vo. Nai Br.XX & Celeina Ann) - Kiss Me Lyrics | Carole & Tuesday OP

Album: Kiss Me/Hold Me Now - Single
Release date: May 29, 2019
Composer: Nulbarich
Lyricist: Nulbarich
Arranged by: Nulbarich
Performed by

"Carole & Tuesday (Anime)" Intro & Outro Themes: Kiss Me / Hold Me Now / Carole & Tuesday (Nai Br.Xx & Celeina Ann)

 It's hard to be a normal person
 that's just not me,
 I'm writing a journal to keep my
 feelings hiding,
 I cross the bridge, what fantasy,
 want to see it,
 Dreaming my dreams,
 Miracles, beautiful, here we go all
 the way.

 Run off my life,
 there's no use to keep holding
 back my thoughts,
 Would be wrong if you're gone,
 Find my way trough the stars, if
 that could reach to your heart,
 But you still can't find me love,
 There's still life for this hope
 Like the people in the clouds, a
 gift from above.

 Kiss me before the sunrise,
 Or I'm leaving you, tonight,
 And my love will find a place to stay and rest my friend,
 Always stay, forever meant to be
 If we could change this world,
 Today with you.



"Carroll & Tuesday" is an original animation work created to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the creation of the animation company Bonz and the 10th anniversary of the establishment of Flying Dog. Flying Lotus and others are in charge of the composition of the music that characters sing in the play.


Carol & Tuesday (Vo. Nai Br. XX & Celeina Ann)
TV anime "Carroll & Tuesday" opening / ending theme
1st Single
"Kiss Me / Hold Me Now"
2019.5.29 Release
 VTCL-35302 ¥ 1,300 + tax

<Recorded song>
1. Kiss Me (TV anime "Carroll & Tuesdays" Opening Theme)
Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement: Nulbarich
2. Hold Me Now (TV anime "Carroll & Tuesdays" ending theme)
Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement: Benny Sings
3. Kiss Me TV size ver.
4. Hold Me Now TV size ver.
TV anime "Carol & Tuesday"
Fuji TV "+ Ultra" from April 10, 2019
We start broadcasting every Wednesday from 24:55.
NETFLIX April 10 delivery start, 2 episodes-every Thursday delivery (Japan leading)
Broadcast at other stations
(Kansai Television / Tokai Television / Television West Japan / Hokkaido Cultural Broadcasting / BS Fuji)

Official website:
Twtter: @ carole_tuesday
Instgram: @ caroleandtuesday