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Eve - Anya Lyrics | Dororo ED2

Title: Eve - Anya Lyrics | Dororo ED2
Album: Anya - Single
Release date: 2019
Arranged by
Performed by: Eve


ああ いつだって 愚かさに苛まれているの
でもさあ 辛くなって 終わらない夜ならば
きっと 疑わぬあなた 呪われた世界を愛せるから
すべてを背負って 今 取り戻すの...


aa itsu datte oroka sa ni sainamareteiruno
demo saa tsuraku natte owaranai yorunaraba
kitto utagawanu anata norowareta sekai o aiserukara
subete o seotte ima torimodosuno...


Oh, always, I'm annoyed by foolishness 
Now it's getting tough If it's an endless night 
I'm sure you won't be suspicious Because I can love the cursed world 

I'll carry everything back Now....

Kanji: lyrical-nonsense
Romaji: AnimesLyrics
English: AnimesLyrics


It has been announced that ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION will be the opening theme for the second series of TV anime "Dororo" and Eve will be in charge of the ending theme.

Based on Osamu Tezuka's manga, "Dororo" depicts a boy named Hyakutenmaru, who was born by an Onigami and has been deprived of 48 parts of the body, defeating the youkai with the roar of a little thief and regaining the body part story. In addition to airing on TOKYO MX, BS11, and the drama special channel, it is also distributed on Amazon Prime Video.

The new opening theme that Azikan deals with is a new song "Dororo" written for animation. Masafumi Gotoh (Vo, G) commented on this song, "I made a song with the thought in mind so as not to be ashamed of the original Tezuka manga".


Both A-side single "Dororo / Release area"
Released May 15, 2019
■ First production limited edition (CD + Blu-ray)
KSCL-3146-3147 ¥ 3,241 + tax

"If you see me, far away."
TV anime "Dororo" New chapter rush from April 8!
【TV broadcasting】
From Monday, April 8th, 2019 will be broadcast every Monday 22:00 on TOKYO MX
We are scheduled to broadcast every Monday at 24:00 on BS11 from April 8, 2019
We plan to broadcast every Friday at 26:00 on the period special channel from April 12, 2019
【Delivery service】
Japan and overseas exclusive distribution with Amazon Prime Video

Original: Osamu Tezuka "Dororo"
Director: Kazuhiro Furuhashi
Series: Reiko Kobayashi
Character draft: Hiroyuki Asada
Character design: Satoshi Iwatsuki
Music: Yorihiro Ike
Opening theme: ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION "Dororo"
Ending theme: Eve "dark night"
Animation production: MAPPA / Tezuka production
Production: Twin Engine

Hyakujomaru: Suzuki Hiroki Dororo: Suzuki Rio
Karasuma: Satoshi Sasaki Keisuke Sakai: Naoya Uchida
Takaramaru: Chiba Shoya Toshiumi: Otsuka Akio

Sewing: Nakamura Chie Narration: The Barley

Font: natalie, youtube