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Masaki Suda - Long Hope Philia English lyrics

Title: Masaki Suda - Long Hope Philia English lyrics
Album: Long Hope Philia
Release dateAug 01, 2018
Composer: Hiromu Akita, Masaki Suda, KNEEKIDS
Lyricist Hiromu Akita, Masaki Suda
Arranged by: Yoshiaki Dewa, Keita Kawaguchi
Performed by: Masaki Suda

At the end of the walk, my shoe soles are dirty.
That way, our souls also be reduced to shadows.
At that time I remembered it: the reason you didn't give up.
Though you should've saved, you were saved. Though you wanted to grasp, you were grasped.

On a wide trip, there'll be light. Unable to divide strength and weakness.
Each step on the road is another victory of you being brave.
For the sake of screaming, I will take a breath. In order to fly high, you had to take a long jump.
In order to laugh, we needed to cry. But I won't call it a defeat. 

The passing of time changed, the streets and friends too.
I know that everything meets a good bye, this patience is a obvious feeling.
What about me? I can't get apart of myself, carrying the burden.
That's why, friends we'll be sure to not change. But to return to ourselves.

In a great frustration there's light when there's a succes. There's no meaning to failures.
Those laughing at the end can take it as their trophies for a HAPPY END.
I got to hope, that I didn't make any wounds. You never suffered because you never had hopes.
Even so, I will stretch my hands out. That's why that wounds will stand up.

Giving up, doubting, feeling, closing it all out. "broken" it's called.
But the things I lost, became a weapon to me. That became a blooming flower at the very bottom.
It's a far away friend, a shiny blue constellation.
We only need the things we have with us right now. Only that is enough for us.

For the great life, there's light. For the sake of living, I don't need a reason.
Even if you hang your head, stay on. Your feet are firm on the starting line
Because the you of today laughed, our defeats aren't in vain.
The flower, blooming in reason on the very bottom together, will be many years of hope