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Daichi Miura reveals the full MV of "Blizzard"

Daichi Miura revealed the full MV of the song "Blizzard", main theme of the newest movie of the Dragon Ball franchise.

Blizzard is the theme song for the movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly, which is scheduled for release in Japan in December.

The song was composed by Nao'ymt, with lyrics by Daichi Miura and Nao'ymt and production of Nao'ymt. The music video was directed by Atsushi Makino [CONNECTION].

Check out the MV below:

Lyrics : Daichi Miura, Nao’ymt
Music : Nao’ymt
Arrangement : Nao’ymt
Produced by Nao’ymt for Ymt Productions Inc.

[YouTube Official Channel]