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Ingress anime reveals story and main cast

The official anime web site inspired by Niantic's Augmented Reality application Ingress has revealed the main cast, its story and a new promotional image. It is also revealed that the series will be broadcast on the block "+ Ultra" of Fuji TV from October, reaching the rest of the world exclusively via Netflix.

Since he was little Makoto has had a strange power that allows him to read the memories of the objects he touches.
Hiding this power he can not control, he works as a police officer. One day he is investigating an explosion in a laboratory investigating a substance called "XM" and sees a very peculiar memory. This belongs to Sarah's ring, the only survivor of the incident. What you see is a person being swallowed by a red light and disappearing. Intrigued by this vision, Makoto ends up being involved in a conspiracy of great proportions.
It is the beginning of the battle for "XM", a material that can affect the human mind.
In the cast will be:

Yoshiki Nakajima as Makoto
Queen Ueda as Sarah
Shigeo Kiyama as Jack
Megumi Ogata as the ADA Artifical Intelligence

Yuhei Sakuragi will be the director of the series under the animation studio Craftar, Yoshinari Irikawa the assistant director and Soki Tsukishima (novels Final Fantasy Type-0: Change the World) and Tora Tsukishima responsible for the scripts. Hidehiro Kawa (Phantom of the Kill) will compose the music. Takeshi Honda (Millenium Actress, Dennou Coil) appears as responsible for the original designs of characters.

Atsushi Furukawa will be the director of CGI, while the artistic direction will be in charge of Hiroshi Kato (Totonyan) and Hirofumi Sakagami, who will have the help of Houmi Arai. Masashi Miyaoka will be the modeling director. Maru Kobayashi will take the role of animation direction and Tatsuya Nomura will take charge of the photography direction.