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Yarichin Bitch-bu anime show his opening in a video

From the official Twitter account of the animated adaptation of the manga Yarichin Bitch-bu from Tanaka Ogeretsu has posted a promotional video that allows us to listen to the main theme of the project, "Touch You", played by the main character as the unit Shiritsu Morimori Gakuen Seishun Danshis.

Each character will also receive a promotional video alone, debuting one every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from July 11.

The "first episode" of the anime will be an OVA that will be included with the limited edition of the third volume of the manga compilation, on sale on September 21.

In the cast they will be:

Yusuke Kobayashi as Takashi Tone
Daiki Hamano as Yu Kashima
Ayumu Murase as Kyosuke Yaguchi
Kentaro Kumagai as Jimmy
Takuya Sato as Ayato Yuri
Yuuki Ono as Yui Tamura
Tsubasa Yonaga as Keiichi Akemi
Masahiro Yamanaka as Koshiro Itome
Masatomo Nakazawa as Itsuki Shikatani

Ai Yoshimura (Dance with Devils, Cheer Danshi !!) will direct the anime under GRIZZLY. Noel Mizuki will be responsible for the scripts, while Koji Haneda (Scar-red Rider XechS) will be responsible for the character designs. Shuji Katayama (Overlord, Super Lovers) will compose the music, being Kizuke Koizumi the sound director.

"Shiritsu Morimori Gakuen Seishun Danshis" is the name that appears in the description of the YouTube video as the group responsible for the opening of the anime, but the main characters form the "Pure Nine" unit according to the official website of the project.

Takashi Tono is a boy who has just transferred to the Morimori Academy, a private academy in the mountains. There he meets Yaguchi, his first and only friend, but since he is bad at sports, he can not join the football club like him, so he chooses something simple like what the photo club seems to be. There he discovers that the photography is only a cover and that in reality it is the "Playboy Bitch Club", a packed full of older students the sea of ​​extravagant. Another new boy named Kashima joins the club at the same time as Tono, but soon declares his love. The thing is that Tono thinks that Yaguchi is handsome, but he gets very nervous when he is close to Kashima.

Gentosa published the second volume of the manga compilation in May 2017.