The Prince of Tennis BEST GAMES !! reveals the musical themes of his first OVA

The official website of The Prince of Tennis franchise of Takeshi Konomi has revealed what will be the ending and an insert song of The Prince of Tennis BEST GAMES !! Tezuka vs Atobe, the first of the new OVA of the Prince of Tennis project BEST GAMES !!.

Junichi Suwabe and Ryotaro Okiayu will be in charge of the song "Eien" that will sound like insert as their respective characters, Keigo Atobe and Tezuka Kunimitsu. It will be the first duet in the franchise of both characters. The ending will be "You got game?", Which was the first ending of the animated television adaptation of Prince of Tennis, played by Junko Minagawa as his character, Ryoma Echizen.

This first part of the project can be seen for two weeks in Japanese theaters starting on August 24th, being released in physical format on October 26th.

Keiichiro Kawaguchi (May Chiki!) Will lead the project under M.S.C. Mitsutaka Hirota (The Prince of Tennis II vs. Genius 10) will return to take care of the scripts. Akiharu Ishii designs the characters again, just as Cher Watanabe returns to compose the music. Ayasa is in charge of the main theme.