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Nidome no Jinsei: Anime is canceled due to racism

The official website of the animated television adaptation of the series of novels Nidome no Jinsei or Isekai ([New Life +] Young Again in Another World) of MINE has announced the cancellation of the project after the recent controversy generated around a series of racist comments of the author and the reflections of his ideology in the work itself.

The seiyuus Toshiki Masuda, Megumi Nakajima and Kiyono Yasuno ignited the first spark of the fateful fate of the adaptation when they announced publicly that they were abandoning their respective roles in the cast of voices of the series. Produce agency 81 also announced that Nanami Yamashita had made the same decision. Masuda, Nakajima Yasuno and Yamashita were going to be the voices of Renya Kunugi, Rona Chevalier, Shion Femme Fatale and Creator.

It all began when a series of anime fans born in Japan but from families with Chinese origins explained how the protagonist reflected a completely racist reality. The protagonist of the story is a young man who killed more than 3,000 Chinese soldiers in the Second Sino-Japanese, or Sino-Japanese War, a military conflict between the Republic of China and the Empire of Japan that was waged within the framework of the Second World War between July 1937 and September 1945. After reaching 94 years and killing 2,000 more people (also Chinese) since the war, the character dies and ends up reviving as an 18 year old in another world.

The idea that someone who murdered thousands of Chinese during a real historical event could become a worthy protagonist for a juvenile series was something that grunted many. There were also those who considered that being a story of fiction, you can not take everything as something real, although the voices that considered that history denigrated the Chinese were still there.

The author of the novels, MINE, has not helped much to calm the controversy. A series of messages posted by the author between 2013 and 2015 on social networks have been cataloged as an apology to hatred towards China, calling the country "a parasite country", criticizing its culture and even avoiding using the original characters of "China" and using others of completely Japanese origin and similar pronunciation. Between 2012 and 2014 he also launched several comments of contempt towards South Korea.

The author came to the fore last Tuesday to respond to criticism and apologized about the content of his messages: "As for my past tweets, I know that I have made many people feel uncomfortable, and I want to apologize wholeheartedly for writing such inappropriate comments. " He added that he was "reflecting deeply" on the matter and that he made those comments "without fully understanding the facts". MINE ended by saying that he did not expect the forgiveness of those he had offended, but that he felt he owed them an apology. In addition to erasing the tweets of the controversy, MINE reported their plans to delete the Twitter account completely when the apology had been extended enough.

MINE launched the series of novels on the web Shosetsu ni Naro in January 2014, but in the light of public opinion on its content, MINE claimed that it would stop publishing it on the aforementioned website and that it would speak with its editors to make corrections to the volumes already printed if possible.

To date the work has in the aforementioned website with more than 189 million page views. Hobby Japan launched the print version of the series in November 2014 with illustrations of Kabocha, and its volume number 18 was put on sale on May 24.