Hatsukoi Sketch ~Maicching Machiko-sensei~: Release date of the live-action film revealed

The team from the film Hatsukoi Sketch ~ Maicching Machiko-sensei ~, adaptation to a live-action film of the manga Maicching Machiko-sensei by Takeshi Ebihara, revealed that the premiere of the film is scheduled for September 8 at the Shibuya movie theater HUMAX from Tokyo, where it will be screened until September 14.

Tomoyuki Kamimura directed the film after launching a campaign of funding via crowfunding last May via Campfire to get economic support for production. The goal of the campaign is to reach 1 million yen by July 14.

The film takes place in Tochigi prefecture, while its history will place us 10 years after the original story. Academia Arama, where Machiko teaches, has been closed and converted into a factory, but there are already plans to demolish the old building and use the space to build a shopping center. Students are torn between the benefits and negative parts of this plan.

Ayako Fujiwara, "future ambassador" of Tochigi prefecture, is the producer. Fujiwara mentioned on the Tokyo Web news website that the idea of ​​the film is to encourage people to know the charm of Tochigi.