Gintama 2: live-action brings back Tsuyoshi Domoto as Shinsuke Takasugi

The team of the second real image film that will adapt the manga Gintama of Hideaki Sorachi has revealed that Tsuyoshi Domoto will return to give life again to Shinsuke Takasugi, whom we can see in the image above.

In the confirmed deal they are already up to date:

Shun Oguri as Gintoki Sakata

Masaki Suda as Shinpachi Shimura
Kanna Hashimoto as Kagura
Masami Nagasawa as Tae Shimura
Masaki Okada as Kotaro Katsura
Tsuyohi Wall as Gengai Hiraga
Midoriko Kimura as Otose
Kankuro Nakamura as Isao Kondo
Jiro Sato in a role to be determined (it was Takechi Henpeita in the first)
Elizabeth, whose actor has not been revealed at the moment

Gintama 2 will premiere on August 17 in Japanese cinemas and aims to surpass the figures of the first installment, released in July 2017 in Japan and managed to raise 980 million yen in just four days.