Dies Irae: Anime shows promotional video for its last 6 episodes

The official website of the animated adaptation of the visual novel Dies Irae has revealed a promotional video of the six remaining episodes of the series, numbers 12 to 17, and whose arc will be entitled "To the Ring Reincarnation". These episodes will premiere simultaneously on July 1 at 17:30 via Abema TV and will be aired next to the compilation episode "Marie's Memory: Michi ni Tsuzu Kiseki" that was shown on television last December.

The anime was released on October 7 and was announced as 12 episodes televised and 6 episodes that would be broadcast online.

The original visual novel was Dies irae - Also sprach Zarathustra -, released for PC in 2007. The same year an extended version was launched called Dies irae Also sprach Zarathustra -die Wiederkunft-. In 2009 they launched Dies irae ~ Acta est Fabula ~ and Dies irae ~ Acta est Fabula ~ -Scharlachrot Grun-. In 2012 Light launched Dies irae ~ Amantes amentes ~ for PSP and PC, later reaching Android and iOS. In March 2016, they launched Dies irae ~ Interview with Kaziklu Bey ~.