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Back Street Girls: Anime presents its main characters in two fun PVs

The team of the animated television adaptation of the manga Back Street Girls of Jasmine Gyuh has revealed two promotional videos of the series, one dedicated to the identities of the protagonists as yakuza, and another to their new versions as idols. The anime will premiere on July 4 at 1:00 in BS11, and will be released shortly thereafter at Tokyo MX and MBS.

In the cast we will find two voices for each character, one as a yakuza and the other for his idol identity:

Daisuke Ono as Kentaro Yamamoto

Yuka Nukui as Airi Yamamoto

Satoshi Hino as Ryu Tachibana

Kaori Maeda as Mari Tachibana

Kazuyuki Okitsu as Kazuhiko Sugihara

Hikaru Akao as Chika Sugihara

Keiji Fujiwara as Jefe Inugane / Productor Inugane

Nukui, Maeda and Akao will also be in charge of putting the musical themes to the series.

Chiaki Kon will direct the series under J.C. Staff, being the scripts of Susumu Yamakawa and the sound direction of Jin Aketagawa.

The story is played by three hard and virulent yakuzas who have failed their boss again with a very important job, so this offers them two options: commit suicide with honor, or go to Thailand on a trip to go through a sex operation and become the three in "feminine" idols. Thus, after a hard year of training debut as idols, but their popularity will skyrocket and they will have to work more than they expected, and also hide their origins.

Back Street Girls was launched on the pages of Weekly Young Magazine in March 2015 and to date has 10 compilation volumes.