You Do not Know Gunma Yet: anime adds Yui Ogura and Tomokazu Sugita to his cast

The official website of the anime You Do not Know Gunma Yet, which adapts the manga Omae wa Mada Gunma o Shiranai of Hiroto Ida, has revealed new voices that will join the cast of the series.

Yui Ogura will be Terune Ieki, friend of Kyo Shinooka and member of the JKJ. Ogura is from Gunma prefecture and he already put voice to a character in the eighth episode of the series. Tomokazu Sugita will be the voice of Yajiru, a boy of a superior course to the one of the protagonists.

The anime premiered on April 2 and will feature 12 episodes, which can be followed via Crunchyroll.