The June issue of Bessatsu Friend magazine of Kodansha has revealed that Junko's Kiss Him, Not Me (Watashi ga Motete Dousunda) manga will feature a special episode in the next installment of the publication, on sale in June. The new chapter will have a total of 37 pages, some of them in color, and will focus on Shinomiya already at the university, who meets unexpectedly with Nanashima after four years.

The compilation volume number 14 and end of the work was put on sale on March 13

Kae Serinuma is a second year high schooler and an avid fujoshi who secretly ships her classmates, Igarashi-kun and Nanashima-kun. The death of her favorite anime character causes her to become stressed—and loses weight rapidly. Now that Serinuma has become an attractive girl to her classmates, her snarky kouhai Shinomiya-kun, and her senpai Mutsumi, how is she going to deal with them ...with her constant BL-filled, fujoshi mind?!

The manga inspired an animated television adaptation of 12 episodes in October 2016.