The official YouTube channel of the BanG Dream! franchise has revealed a first promotional video of BanG Dream! 2nd Season, the second season of the anime whose premiere is confirmed for January. The video reveals that the SANZIGEN animation studio will replace ISSEN and Xebec in the production of this second season and also scheduled for 2019 third season.

The original BanG Dream! series It was released in January 2017, telling us the story of Kasumi Toyama and how she ends up deciding to form a band formed only by girls to achieve their dreams.

The anime was directed by Atsushi Ootsuki (Working '!!) under the animation studios Issen and Xebec. The original story was Kou Nakamura, while Yuniko Ayana (Locodol) was responsible for the series composition. The original designs of characters were the work of Hitowa, adapting them to the anime Matsuko Nita. Finally, the musical production was by Junpei Fujita (Grisaia no Kajitsu) and Noriyasu Uematsu.