The official website of the anime for television One Room has revealed a new promotional image, the team and release date of its second season. Under the name One Room Second Season, the new season will premiere on July 3 at 1:35 in Tokyo MX.

Zero-G (Diver !!, Tsugumomo) will be the new main animation studio instead of Typhoon Graphics. Takuya Tani will be the new character designer and chief animation director, replacing Yasuhiro Okuda from the first season. Tani is not, however, new to the series, since he was the director of episodes 5 to 8 of the first season. Shiji Takasuka joins as artistic director to Hiroki Matsumoto, who returns from the first season. Atsushi Furukawa will replace Chieko Hibi as head of color. The rest of the team will return from the first season.

In the cast they will be:

Inori Minase as Mashiro Amatsuki, a 21-year-old university student. He used to practice rhythmic gymnastics, but had to leave because of an injury. Although the search for work is not bad, she is still very discouraged. After a certain encounter with the protagonist, he ends up living in his same residence and establishes a relationship of trust. Mashiro is a shy and reserved girl, but she is also very fond of everything that seems beautiful.

Rie Takahashi as Minori Nanahashi, 17 years old and a third year high school student. Her grandfather runs the Nanahashi Yu bath house, in which she loves to help every day. His relationship with the protagonist, who resides in the pension that there is over the bathrooms, is like that of a younger sister with her brother. It gives the sensation of being a vivacious and modern girl, but is fond of the historical zones of the towns and the ancestral culture of the same.

M.A.O will return as Yui Hanasaka. Yui is a 17-year-old girl from Hokkaido who arrives in Tokyo with the intention of taking the university entrance exams. She lives with her older sister while she is in Tokyo, and she is an honest girl who does everything with her best efforts.

Crunchyroll was responsible for broadcasting the first season last year.