The well-known director Makoto Shinkai (your name.) Recently collaborated with the band Sukima Switch to work on his new music video, the one on the song "Mr. Kite. " The video focuses on the lives of two teenagers and their transition to the world of adults and the world of work.

The video does not only promote the new theme of Sukima Switch, it is also a collaboration with the Japanese Taisei Corporation, a company focused on construction and civil engineering. A 30-second version of the video changes the music by the voice of one of the characters in the ad.

The longest version of the ad combines scenes from the 30-second ad created by Shinkai for Taisei in 2014, focusing solely on the male character in the music video. The character goes to Taisei Corporation and starts working as an engineer at the Noi Bai International Airport in the capital of Vietnam.

The new portion of the announcement highlights the construction of the Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL) train line in Singapore, including a landscape view of the Marina Bay area.

This is the third announcement of Taisei Corporation after one in 2011 and the one mentioned in the previous lines of 2014.