From IG Port, parent company of the animation studios Production IG, Wit Studio, XEBEX, Signal.MD and the publisher Mag Garden, and the internet service provider NTT Plala, have announced a new capital association that will aspire to production new content As part of the association, NTT Plala acquired 4.98% of the outstanding shares of IG Port.

The partnership will include plans for a new original anime, as well as anime production aimed at smartphones. It also includes the planning, production and distribution of video content for virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality.

Production I.G is currently running its Tate Anime (Anime Vertical) application, through which it broadcasts animated short series of episodes created specifically for viewing in smartphones in vertical format. NTT Plala is a subsidiary of the Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation that also operates the Hikari TV streaming service.