well-known Galaxy Express 999 franchise from Leiji Matsumo will soon receive its first adaptation to real image series. Its premiere is scheduled for June 18 at 20:00 in BS Sky Perfect, with the peculiarity that it will be a live broadcast.

Chiaki Kuriyama will be Maetel, while Ohshiro Maeda from the comic duo Maeda Maeda will be the one who gives life to Tetsuro, being able to see them characterized in the images that accompany this entrance.

Other members of the cast will be Kaname Ouki as Queen Emeraldas, Toshiyuki Someya as Count Mecha, Jun Hashimoto as Tochiro Oyama and Takashi Ukaji as Antares.

Although the broadcast will be live, the series will use 3D to recreate the world. Each episode of the series will be accompanied by a half-hour talk program presented by Akinori Nakagawa, who will be Tetsuro in the upcoming play Ginga Tetsudo 999 Galaxy Opera.

The story stars a young orphan named Tetsuro who travels with a mysterious woman named Maetel across the galaxy aboard a space train hoping to get a cybernetic body. The train stops on many planets in its journey, which usually ends in various adventures.

The original manga was published between 1977 and 1981, being compiled in 18 volumes. The anime for its part consisted of 113 episodes and was issued between 1978 and 1981. After that, the franchise has originated all kinds of movies, specials, OVA and spinoffs.