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Chio-chan no Tsugakuro: anime to debut on July 6

The animated adaptation of manga Chio-chan no Tsugakuro by Tadataka Kawasaki has revealed that its premiere is dated for July 6.

In the cast of the series we will find:

  • Naomi Ozora as Chio Miyamo, first student at the Samejima Academy. She is a big fan of playing video games on the PC who loves Western games and is not a fan of Japanese games.
  • Chiaki Omigawa as Manana Nonomura, Chio's childhood friend who is also a first-year student at the Samejima Academy.
  • Kade Hondo as Yuki Hosokawa, a classmate of Chio who is the brightest, most popular, beautiful and number 1 of the school.
  • Yo Taichi as Madoka Kushitori, third year student at the Samejima Academy and captain of the Kabaddi team, sport that he adores.

Takayuki Inagaki (Rosario to Vampire, Hatsukoi Monster) will be the director of the anime under Diomedea, also supervising the scripts. Mayuko Matsumoto (Gingitsune, Kancolle) will be responsible for designing the characters.

Naomi Ozora, Chiaki Omigawa and Kaede Hondo will be responsible for putting the opening as their respective characters. Ozora and Omigawa will also play the ending once again as their corresponding characters. The singles of both songs will be released on July 25 in Japan.

The story is led by a high school student named Chio Miyamo and his problems to get to class every day, which range from road works, urgencies to go to the bathroom or even a biker gang.

Kawasaki launched the manga on the pages of the Monthly Comic Flapper in 2014, having released its eighth compilation volume on March 23.