Chikyuugi Shounen Shoujo: new original anime by Mitsuo Iso (Denno Coil)

Director Mitsuo Iso announced at the Anime Central convention that he will direct and screen Chikyuugi Shounen Shoujo, which will be his first original anime since Denno Coil in 2007. Kenichi Yoshida (Eureka Seven, Gundam: Reconguista in G) will design the characters, being the animation work of the study SIGNAL.MD (Atom the Beggining, Recovery of an MMO Junkie).
The anime will be developed in the year 2045, when Internet and AI are common even in space. The protagonists will be a group of children lost in space after a huge accident in a space station. Using social networks and a drone that can control with smartphones and that has a small AI, will overcome several crises.
Iso remarked: "Lately I see less and less animes that develop in space, so I thought about doing one myself. Space is no longer a distant place that we can only see in science fiction, but a place to which we can travel. I would like to tell the story of some children lost in that environment as something that could really happen. "