The official website of the BanG Dream! franchise has announced that Yuki Nakashima will replace Yurika Endo as the voice of Lisa Imai, member of the band Roselia. Endo will retire from the entertainment industry after a final concert on June 1.

Both Endo and Nakashima participated in the second day of the BanG Dream! 5th ☆ Live celebrated last weekend, and the franchise website describes Nakashima as "the sixth member of Roselia". More information will be given on when Nakashima will take the reins of the character for the first time in the near future.

Recall that the franchise recently announced a second season of the anime for January 2019, a third season for October 2019, the anime spinoff BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! ☆ Peak for the next month of July and a spinoff focused on a male band.