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Aguu -Tensai Ningyou: anime reveals with a trailer, cast, staff and release date

Studio DEEN has posted a first promotional video of Aguu -Tensai Ningyou-, the animated television adaptation of the Chinese comic Aguu by Yichun Jun. The video reveals the staff, cast and that the series will premiere in July.

Ai is a regular girl who is a dancer. Her friend Machi also devotes herself to dance, but unlike her, she is a prodigy in what she does. Seeing Machi so overflowing with talent is something that usually saps Ai a bit, but one day she discovers her friend's secret: the existence of the Aguu, small entities that fit in the palm of their hands and that give great talent to whoever owns them. In order to save Machi, who has become a "Seamstress" that makes Aguu, Ai will become a "Savior". The Savior are a group of people who have been facing generations who have become Seamstress for many generations.

In the cast they will be:

  • Noriko Shibasaki as Ai
  • Eriko Matsui as Machi
  • Wataru Takagi as Rasho
  • Satoshi Shibasaki as Rafu

Bob Shirohata (Momoiro Sisters, Hiiro no Kakera) will be the director under Studio DEEN. Yuiko Kato (real image of Hanabi) will supervise the scripts, while Masaaki Kannan (Gifu Dodo !! Kanetsugu to Keiji) will be the chief animation director and character designer. Maho Aoki will design the backgrounds, being Masakazu Miyake (Konosuba, Himouto! Umaru-chan R) the artistic director and Imari Katsuragi (Super Lovers) responsible for the color. Hozumi Goda (Junji Ito Collection) will be the sound director and Yuki Shibasaki will compose the music.

Yichun Jun launched the comic on the web Tencent Comic in 2014, adding to date more than 9.500 million views. A spinoff called Kyoukugen was released on the Japanese horror manga website Osoroshiya in October 2016.