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The manga yuri Yagate Kimi ni Naru will have adaptation in anime

The sleeve of court yuri Yagate Kimi ni Naru of Nio Nakatani has received the green light to be adapted to the anime for television as it reveals a banner found in the own web of the publication.

Yuu Koito has just started his first year of high school, but he has a hard dilemma, and the day of the high school graduation ceremony was approached by a boy and he declared his love. The problem is that although the boy is the one who had always liked him, his declaration of love did not move him as he expected it to do, as he always reads in the shojo sleeves that he likes so much, and for this reason it has been delaying for months to give him an answer.
One day Yuu sees Touko Nanami, the student council president, rejecting a declaration of love without a shred of doubt. Shortly after Yuu discovers that Nanami has never accepted a declaration of love because they had never made him feel anything special with them. Encouraged by the sincerity of Nanami, Yuu decides to consult her case, but what the girl did not expect was for the president to declare her love.

The manga is published in the Comic Dengeki Daioh magazine of ASCII Media Works since 2015 and to date has four volumes compiled.