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The film of real image of Marmalade Boy shows us its protagonists in a promotional image

The film adaptation of the manga Marmalade Boy by Wataru Yoshizumi has shown a trailer in which we can hear again the main theme that the band GReeeeN is responsible for putting the film, "Koi". The film will be released in Japanese theaters on April 27.

In the cast they will be:
  • Ryo Yoshizawa as Yu Matsuura
  • Hinako Sakurai as Miki Koishikawa
  • Shosuke Tanihara as Yoji Matsuura, biological father of Yuu
  • Miho Nakayama as Chiyako Matsuura, biological mother of Yuu
  • Rei Dan as Rumi Koishikawa, biological mother of Miki
  • Michitaka Tsutsui as Jin Koishikawa, biological father of Miki
  • Taiki Sato as Ginta Suou, Yu and Miki's partner who is in love with this
  • Mio Yuki will be the one who gives life to Meiko Akizuki, Miki's best friend
  • Kisetsu Fujiwara as Satoshi Miwa, Yuu's older friend
  • Yasufumi Terawaki as Yoshimitsu Miwa, father of Satoshi
  • Niina Endo as Arimi Suzuki, ex-girlfriend of Yuu
  • Terunosuke Takezai as Shin'ichi Nakamura, teacher that Meiko falls in love with
Ryuichi Hiroki (real image film of Strobe Edge) will be the director of the film counting on a script of Taeko Asano.

The story presents two teenagers whose respective parents announce that they are going to divorce and exchange partners with each other. So the father of one ends with the mother of another, and to complicate everything, they take the four so well that they decide to go to live all together in a huge house with their children. What starts at the beginning as a forced relationship between the boy and the girl, now half-brothers, ends up becoming even more complicated when between them the spark of love arises.

Yoshizumi published the manga in the pages of the magazine Ribon de Shueisha between 1992 and 1995.