The Twitter account of DARLING in the FRANXX producer , Yuuichi Fukushima, has been flooded with messages of anger and harassment since the 14th episode of the series was shown. The episode in question showed the love triangle between the characters Hiro, Zero Two and Ichigo, where many fans had a negative reaction on Ichigo's behavior and attitudes.

Fukushima wrote two tweets about the 14th episode of the series on April 14th. The first tweet thanks the team who worked on the episode and asked viewers to continue watching the show next week. The second tweet complemented the final sequence of the episode.

The following comments to the tweets have been from disappointment with the episode until death threats to the producer and also to the writer Hiroshi Seko.

In one of the sent tweets, there was a manipulated image of the Zero Two character holding a gun while saying "Ahh!". In other comments, fans ask Fukushima to burn the writer or even suggest that Seko get killed.

Even a hashtag, #Bitchigo, was created to show the dislike of the fans with the character Ichigo, with messages in Japanese, Chinese and English.